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Science Research Society in India (SRS) is an non profit organization in India working for the popularization of science and technology through its outreach educational programmes. Since its inception in 2018, the Society has intervened & inculcated scientific temperament in the students, teachers and community at large through its standing activities including Workshops, Seminars, International Conferences, Social Understanding and funding for research programs. The Society is operated by an organized group of leading eminent scientists, academicians and administrators.

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Journal Name Journal ISSN Website
Kuwait Journal of Systematic Innovation 2984-8059 Go to Website
Kuwait Journal of Engineering Research 2984-8016 Go to Website
Kuwait Journal of Data Science and Advance Algorithm Design 2984-7915 Go to Website
Science Research Society (Kuwait): Conference Proceedings 2984-8067 Go to Website
Journal of Science Research Society (Kuwait) 2984-8040 Go to Website
Kuwait Journal of Computer Science 2984-7605 Go to Website
Kuwait Journal of Advanced Computer Technology 2984-7907 Go to Website
Kuwait Journal of Machine Learning (KJML) 2984-7672 Go to Website
Kuwait Journal of Software Design and Development 2984-7923 Go to Website
Kuwait Journal of Information Technology and Decision Sciences (KJITDS) 2984-7664 Go to Website
Academic Notes in Law 2984-8032 Go to Website
Kuwait Journal on Data Management, Information Systems and Decision Sciences 2984-7893 Go to Website
Kuwait Journal of Software Management and Product Design 2984-7699 Go to Website
Advances in Law: Conference Proceedings 2984-8024 Go to Website
Kuwait Journal of Management in Information Technology 2984-7680 Go to Website
Kuwait Journal of Systematic Innovation in Interdisciplinary Studies 2984-7931 Go to Website
Kuwait Journal of Education (KJE) 2984-7656 Go to Website

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Kindly fulfill the following guidelines for the publication:

  1. Download the manuscript template and submit your paper following the provided template.
  2. Ensure that the submitted papers are within the scope of the journal.
  3. The number of authors should not exceed 6.
  4. Plagiarism should be below 20% without any filtering.
  5. The manuscript length should not exceed 20 pages.

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Society Portfolio

Research Workshops

SRS as a research society have conducted many hands on research workshops in the field of Information Technology, IoT, Machine Learning, Management Studies, Language Learning, Social awareness and much more. All the workshops were fully funded by the society and recognized by many government bodies like UGC, AICTE etc. AGSER believes providing technical and non technical hands on practical knowledge to all reseach scholars in multidiscplinary fields

Funding Projects

SRS has funded many research projects and provided lab equipments and support to many needy institutions to enhance research activities. It include IoT kits, Laptops, Hardware Systems and also basic requirements like white boards and projector screens.

Funding Events

SRS also provides funds to many research events that include research workshops, international conferences, webinars and much more. SRS also have journal funding schemes where it has funded OA Journals to maintain articles for free. Currently SRS has funded 12 International Journals for Open Access Maintanence support.

Social Work

Social work plays an important role in structuring the society. Till now SRS has funded many schools having students with physical or mental disabilities. SRS always promotes education to all kinds of students without differentiating them on any attributes. SRS always promotes equality i.e. no one is above or beneath anyone.


SRS highly believes that research society as a whole can collaborate with private and government institutions to improve the quality of research activities. Currently SRS has been collaborated with 25+ private and 5+ government institutions for improvising research activites in and out of institutions.


SRS is a non-profit organization and requires funds to continue helping out carry research activities for those who require it. For those who want to promote research can lay a helping hand to fulfill the vision and be a part of something big.

Benefits of becoming a member of SRS

Benefits for members includes:

  • Exposure to Global Researcher Forums
  • Becoming part of global events
  • Becoming a part of social activities
  • Be a part of or host Workshops and Webinars for research fellows
  • Participating in different roles as Keynotes and Editors in Research Journals
  • Hosting events at Institutions with funding from SRS.

Becoming a member of society is completely free and inclusion is provided on the basis of background of applicant provided in resume. Any mis-conduct done in name of society or any money earning will be treated as offense. If any such event is occured feel free to contact on contact@SRS.org

Feel Free to contact us on contact@scienceresearchsociety.org